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Why ‘sleeping on it’ is such a brain boost for learning & creativity

Sleep can boost your memory and creativity, make you slimmer and more attractive, ward off colds and flu, lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke, protect you from cancer and dementia, extend your life expectancy and make you feel happier, less anxious and depressed – and it’s totally natural, completely free and available to us all (except perhaps for new parents).

The first 2 digital learning projects you should be planning right now

Implement a new learning platform (or replace your old one) and convert your legacy training into engaging up-to-date digital learning. Depending on your learning strategy (which we can help you define) you might want to have a blended approach which adopts a mix of delivery methods most suited to the content (and your staff). Think of it as your learning recipe; some face-to-face classroom type training, a dollop of eLearning content, a handful of synchronous webinars and a spoonful of bite sized videos. Make it tasty and your staff will keep coming back for more and you won’t have to force them to the table.