About Us

We are Laura and Matt, a couple with over 20 years combined digital learning technology and training experience. We love learning and are passionate about the ways we can help you deliver the best solutions for your organisations and teams. This genuine love of learning lies at the heart of our values, which we like to call The Way of the Fox.

Laura Lee-Gibbs


Laura is a PRINCE2 and APMP qualified project manager and Digital Learning Consultant who, over the last 12 years, has supported an impressive list of clients that includes the likes of the British Medical Association (BMA), Boots, Nissan Europe and Guide Dogs for the Blind. Her sector experience includes Professional Associations, Retail, Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, Law, Charity and the Public Sector.

Laura has a huge breadth of experience having worked on digital learning projects from both the client and supplier side as well as running a learning platform as a managed service for some well-known hospitality brands such as Prezzo and Wagamama.

Great digital learning can’t always be fun, sometimes the subject matter requires a sensible and sensitive delivery, but it should always be relevant and engaging. Choosing a blended approach that best suits the content and puts the learning experience at its heart can be memorable and long-lasting like the brilliant teacher you’ll remember for a lifetime.
— Laura
Matt Lee-Gibbs


Matt has over 7 years’ experience training all grades of staff in the NHS how to safely and effectively use clinical software packages, from receptionists through to consultants, and has been involved in multiple high-profile trust wide digital transformation projects. Before that he held a number of communication roles, managing regional communications campaigns for Government departments and agencies, helping them deliver their key messages to the public. Matt specialises in training design and delivery, copywriting and instructional design.

Both Laura and Matt also have educational backgrounds as trained teachers so have a unique pedagogical understanding of using technology to help people learn.

I believe that every learner is different and that their needs should be at the heart of any digital learning solution. Whatever you deliver should be more than just a box-ticking exercise. Get it right and engage and develop your staff and you’ll find that you’ll get the increased productivity, compliance and retention that you were aiming for to start with. You might even find you’ll revolutionise the way your staff think about the organisation they work in.
— Matt

How We Work

We have spent many years working in digital learning technologies, software and training in Bath, Bristol, Gloucestershire and London. Today we work from our office in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, offering our services to clients nationwide.

Many of our services can be carried out remotely, which allows us to provide these to clients nationwide, optimising delivery whilst keeping travel time (and costs) down.

However, we recognise that projects are usually best kicked-off in person, and will travel for client meetings, to facilitate workshops, and to deliver training where the project requires it. We will always choose the most appropriate method of delivery that suits the project and adapt to suit you, whether that’s meetings via teleconference or video-conference, status updates via email or cloud-base project management tools or a face-to-face meeting to engage key project stakeholders.

We have a blended approach to working with our clients, using a range of tools to manage the delivery of the solutions you need. We believe the way we deliver these solutions is just as important as the way you deliver your training, and with considerable experience of delivering these solutions remotely as well as face-to-face, you’ll always feel we are on hand to help (even if we aren’t in the same building).