Trusted Partners

We want to help deliver the best learning solutions for your teams and make your projects happen. Helping you achieve this in the most effective and efficient way possible may mean calling on the expertise of our network of trusted partners. We have experience of working with a variety of digital learning providers and creatives in the industry. We know you have a busy day job already, so let us manage your digital learning projects for you calling upon our trusted partners where necessary to meet your timeline, budget and expectations ensuring a solution that meets your needs.

What you can always be sure of is that we make your digital learning projects easy.

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Agylia is a learning technologies company that empowers organisations to support their people with digital learning using innovative learning management, mobile learning and custom eLearning solutions. Agylia’s products include a modern Learning Management System (LMS), mobile learning apps and eLearning catalogues. They also build custom eLearning courses and provide consultancy on blended learning strategy.


Learning Light

Learning Light help organisations to reduce costs, make onboarding and compliance faster and improve learning outcomes to transform results. They specialise in helping organisations with the procurement process of choosing a Learning Management System (LMS) and eLearning market research. They provide expert product knowledge and reviews on eLearning, training and blended learning solutions.

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learning pool

Learning Pool believe that better informed people power the most effective businesses and offer e-learning catalogues, a Learning Management System (LMS) and the Adapt Builder authoring tool. They are the world’s largest provider of Adapt content with eight catalogues of fully customisable off-the-shelf learning modules. They also offer AI for learning through their chatbot Otto, and gamification solutions and can build custom content.


little man project

Little Man Project develop engaging bespoke e-learning content relevant to your organisation to improve understanding and performance. They also offer training courses on the design and development of elearning including all versions of Articulate Storyline.